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Specialty Surgical Center has partnered with North American Laboratories to offer Covid-19 rapid molecular testing, with results in minutes, right in our Facility!

North American Laboratories now offers Covid-19 rapid molecular testing and highly sensitive rapid molecular tests for Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and Influenza, with results in minutes! ID NOW™ is a rapid, instrument-based isothermal system for the qualitative detection of Covid-19, RSV and Flu. It is significantly faster than other molecular methods and more accurate than conventional rapid tests.

Benefits of Molecular testing with ID NOW™ :

• ID NOW™ provides fast and accurate testing,
• Only trained staff at clinics with CLIA-waivers may use ID NOW™. This waiver helps ensure our clinic is following appropriate procedures and quality controls to conduct our lab tests on site.
• ID NOW™ is located in our Center, removing the need to transport patient samples.
• The rapid molecular test is easy to use, eliminating error to make sure your test is conducted appropriately.

How does ID NOW™ technology work?

• A sample is taken by swabbing the inside of your nose.
• ID NOW™ examines the sample, looking for the DNA or RNA of the virus. All viruses and bacteria have their own unique DNA or RNA that carry their genetic information.
• ID NOW™ multiplies RNA or DNA of sample from a few target molecules up to a billion in a matter of minutes.
• In 15 minutes or less, results will show whether or not you have an infection.

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What Our Patients Say About Us

Dr. Bagley was very accommodating (I showed up almost an hour late to my apppointment) and took ample time to assess the injury to my knee. He made it a point to keep my out-of-pocket costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality of care. His office is quite a distance from my work and residence, but after my experience with him and his wonderful staff, I don't mind driving the extra miles and will continue to see Dr. Bagley for my orthopaedic needs. I highly recommend this doctor! Kathy Hansen

Kathryn H.

DR Radden is extremely kind, nice and pleasant to talk about my spine and problems. As he talked to me, I can tell he is extremely proficient, and professional and highly skilled in the latest methods for treatment. I feel confident and can trust him. Best to you all!

K d Web

Have been under Dr. Radden care since 2012. They staff is a joy to deal with and I could not see myself trusting anyone else with my problems with my spine. A wonderful doctor who actually listen to your concerns.

Rita Terry

when I went to see doctor Radden, my back was in deep killing pain, within weeks I was I new person. After surgery with Doctor Radden, I never felt better. This is truly the caring Doctor you want to look for.

Jonathan smith

Dr. Bagley cared for me when I fell and broke my heel. I really appreciated the care that I received. I am all healed now and walking again.

Dr. Bagley was very polite, professional and explained in detail the diagnosis, x-rays and options regarding conservative treatment or surgery. The office staff were very pleasant and courteous.

Carol M.

Very fast, very professional, very clean office!

Kameron G.

This is the second time I have been to the surgery center with my daughter Amber. She had her surgery done by Dr. Gilyard who is an excellent surgeon who has been more than helpful with my daughters care. I would use the surgery center for myself. Everyone here is very nice and helpful with the patients and the families. I would rate them at 100%